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Galway Metro

Download your Free copy of Galway Metro, Galways newest Free Newspaper.

Click to view 'Galway Metro Swine Flu edition'

Click to view 'Galway Metro Volvo Ocean Race special edition 1 - The Finish & Monacco GP'

Click to view 'Galway Metro Volvo Ocean Race special edition 1 update - 24/25May'

Click to view 'Galway Metro Film Fleadh Preview 2010'

Click to View 'Galway Metro Film Fleadh Review/Arts Preview 2010'

Click to view'Galway Metro Arts Fleadh Review 2010'

The Galway Metro has teamed up with Galway 365 Free magasine, available throughout Galway and on the trains from Dublin.

In association with the Galway Film Fleadh, Town Hall, Galway Arts Festival, Lets do it Galway, Galway Jazz Festival, Galway Oyster Festival, The Crane Bar and Tig Coli. We thank them for their continued support

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The Galway Metro is Galways lowest carbon footprint media.