Bath Chlorine Filter

Bath filter

Scientists warn, you can inhale &/or absorb chlorine vapours & other polutants while bathing - Tests show that the body absorbs more chlorine by taking a bath than by drinking several glasses of the same water.

The KDF-73 ‘Golden mesh media’ removes up to 90% of harmful chlorine, chemicals & heavy metals from the water, along with up to 90% of soluble heavy metals. Crystalline quartz gives the water a softened effect, & harmonizes it by reducing surface tension. This gives you a luxurious bath virtually free of bleaching and harmful chemicals, the benefits are not only restricted to you health. We supply without the plastic cage as this is cheaper to you and reduces the need for plastics, however this does not affect the function of the filter.

How It Works

The Bath Ball utilises the latest multi-stage filtration technology, consisting of polypropylene pre-filters, KDF-73 ‘Golden mesh media’ & Crystalline quartz. Firstly the pre-filter mesh removes dirt and sediment from the water, prolonging the life of the bath ball media.
The inner sack of the bath ball is replaceable, therefore when the bath crystal ball needs to be renewed only the inner sack has to be replaced. For optimal performance we recommend you renew the sack every year, this will ensure your baths remain luxurious and virtually chlorine free!
The crystalline quartz media is pure American mined silicon dioxide (SiO2) specially washed & sun cured. It is chemically inert. Crystalline quartz energizes the water by reducing the water’s surface tension. This allows for an increase in lathering of soaps and shampoos. The water has a ‘lighter’ feel, similar to the feeling of softened water.

  • Those with coloured hair and highlights will notice their hair will stay more vibrant for longer.
  • Experience the true effect of soaps and shampoos with pure clean bathing water.
  • Reduced skin irritation when showering,
  • Vapours containing bleach will be nearly eliminated. The Bath Ball is very effective for bathing babies in small tubs or basins.
  • A baby’s delicate skin is greatly benefited by removing toxic chlorine.
  • No Instillation Costs

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