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A natural construction of ceramic & charcoal, removing up to 99% of bacteria & suspended solids (including microplastics & heavy metals), bad taste and odours. Bone charcoal has a high calcium content naturally displacing fluoride.


The candle needs to be cleaned regularly by brushing under running water and replaced periodically, depending on the condition of your water supply. The ceramic candles should be replaced every six months or 2000 litres to fully maintain their effectiveness. Cleaning instructions are provided with our purifiers and with replacement candles. The cost to run a gravity water filter is less than a cup of coffee a week (2euros)

Cryptosporidium & E-coli

are parasites typically of several microns in size and are removed by the ceramic part of the cartridges, which filters down to 1 micron. Cryptosporidium oocysts are extremely resistant, making them almost impossible to kill chemical disinfectants and chlorine are useless! The best solution, therefore, is the complete removal using a ceramic cartridge. Cryptosporidium often occurs in the form of a resistant spore (oocyst).

History Of The Gravity-Fed Water Filter

In 1835, Queen Victoria recognised the present health dangers in her drinking water and commissioned a water filter for the Royal household. The gravity fed stoneware filter was born, this combined the technology of a ceramic filter with the artistry of a handcrafted pottery water container. These are still in use today and are the basis of international water purification where mains suppliers are not present or are unaffordable.

Importance of Minerals in Drinking Water

What is pure water? Pure is a term which means, "Free from tainting or polluting matter". Therefore, pure drinking water is fresh water without pollutants and not processed water where all your naturally occurring mineral constituents have been artificially extracted. A complex mix of naturally occurring elements are present in our water and Man has evolved with these elements present and derives benefit from them.

Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, believed that to cure the patient you need to stimulate the "Ponos" or the self-healing spirit of the body. He did this through optimum nutrition and pure drinking water!

NB: A vegan option is available, see Eco Gravity Water Filter (Organic Charcoal), however, this requires an Activated Alumina post filter, 

The working heart of the filter, with a natural construction of ceramic & charcoal. It screens the water down to 1 micron thus removing up to 99% of bacteria & suspended solids including microplastics. The water then passes through the activated carbon particle core where chemicals, heavy, taste and odours are removed.

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