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Arsenic in Irish Bottled Water Why Risk It?

Arsenic in Bottled Water

Your bottled water likely contains arsenic. In August 2019 all bottled water brands produced by Irish company Celtic Pure have been recalled by the Food Safety Authority of Ireland due to the presence of the arsenic. Why risk buying bottled water when you can filter tap water?

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Reverse Osmosis The Real Story

Is drinking water safe to drink?. Unfortunately no, there are over 2,000 contaminants in the water coming from our water taps, many of them are carcinogenic. Why you should avoid reverse osmosis.

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Cryptosporidium Detected in Dublin Water


The water-borne pathogen cryptosporidium was detected in Dublin’s water supply in February 2012. The council said it had notified the Health Service Executive & the Environmental Protection Agency of the findings. It is not uncommon to find minute traces of cryptosporidium in the water supply, noting that there were five such finds in Dublin last year and three in January this year.

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Trihalomethanes In Galway Water


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Last time it was the dreaded Cryptosporidium , an insidious little critter that was the cause of a numerous bouts of gastroenteritis. Well to combat that problem it seems that the cure may be worse than the original problem. We have now been warned that the amount of something called trihalomethanes (THMs) is way over the recommended limit.

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