Naturopathic Approaches to Life Extension

Health Aging

Ageing is also known as senescence. In general, aging is characterised by the declining ability to respond to stress, increased homeostatic imbalance and increased risk of age related diseases. Death is the ultimate consequence of aging, though "old age" is not a scientifically recognised cause of death because there is always a specific cause, such as cancer, heart disease, or liver failure. Herbal medicine, nutritional supplementation, dietary and lifestyle approaches can address the effects of aging by activating telomerase, restoring autophagic activity and maximising digestion, absorption and assimilation of nutrients to extend life, without the use of pharmacological drugs. See Also Carahealth Kidney/Anti-Ageing Tonic

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Cosmetic Acupuncture for Facial Rejeuvenation

cosmetic acupuncture

Cosmetic acupuncture has been practiced in China for thousands of centuries. Early records date back to the Qin and the Song Dynasties. In those days, cosmetic acupuncture was the best beauty treatment available to the Empress and to the Emperor’s Concubines. With the exposure of TCM to the western world, cosmetic acupuncture has become widely available and is now practised around the world. Cosmetic acupuncture is the new botox A-list celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie, Sean Connery and Madonna all swear by what is being described as a holistic alternative to Botox, claiming cosmetic acupuncture helps them look younger while boosting their health and well-being.

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Facial rejuvenation - Supplements to Wash Away the Years

facial lines

Why is it that some of us are better at aging gracefully than others? Take Helen Mirrin or Michelle Pfeiffer for example. Not a jowl or turkey neck in sight! Does it merely come down to genes and bone structure or is there something we can do to slow down or even reverse the ageing process? Most celebrities are obsessed with anti-ageing and include supplements herbs and cosmetic acupuncture in their beauty routines. To understand how we can help reverse the ageing process we need to look skin deep.

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Healthy Ageing & Vitamin B12

B 12
Vitamin B12 deficiency is a public health problem, especially among older people.Older individuals with low levels of vitamin B12 are at increased risk of having brain atrophy or shrinkage. Brain atrophy is associated with Alzheimer's disease and impaired cognitive function. In a study involving more than 100 volunteers aged 61 to 87, all participants underwent annual clinical exams, MRI scans and cognitive tests, and had blood samples taken. Individuals with lower vitamin B12 levels at the start of the study had a greater decrease in brain volume. Those with the lowest B12 levels had a sixfold greater rate of brain volume loss compared with those who had the highest levels.