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Determining the effect of a homeopathic medium potency of calcium on the bone density of women as measured by bone ultrasonometry: a pilot study comprising one year


Osteoporosis is a disease that is rapidly increasing in prevalence owing to a combination of dietary influences, adverse effects of medication and a rapidly aging population. Osteoporosis is placing an increasing strain on the public health purse. Homeopathy is an inexpensive non-pharmacological alternative that may be useful to increase bone density. However, currently there is little evidence-based research on its effects. This pilot study aimed at exploring the effect of medium-potency calcium on the bone density of women over a period of one year.
The majority of the women were postmenopausal. The bone density was measured before and after treatment with bone ultrasonometry. Results showed that medium potency calcium caused an increase in the bone density of eleven of the fifteen participants that completed the trial, ten of these post-menopausal. This prescription can be combined safely with allopathic drugs and is cost-effective. It is concluded that this homeopathic dose may be a viable treatment for osteoporosis but future controlled trials are needed to confirm the results.
Keywords: Calcium, Bone density in women, Calcarea carbonica, CalcareaCalcium, Bone density in women, Calcarea carbonica, Calcareaphosphorica, Calancarea fluorica, Ultrasonometry, Pilot study
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