Integumentary (hair, skin, nails)

The integumentary system comprises the skin, hair and nails that act to protect the body from damage.


Natural Medicine Causes & Treatment of Psoriasis


From a natural medicine perspective there are dietary, lifestyle, supplement & herbal medicine advice that will address the causes of psoriasis & alleviate the symptoms.

Natural Medicine Causes & Treatment of Eczema

psoriasis or eczema

Eczema is a form of dermatitis, or inflammation of the epidermis or outer layer of the skin. Symptoms are recurring skin rashes characterised by redness, itching, blistering or cracking.

Natural Medicine Causes & Treatment of Acne Vulgaris

sugar and acne

Acne Vulgaris is characterised by the presence of comedones or blackheads, pimples, small superficial sebaceous cysts, and scars. There are over half a dozen types of acne, the most common being blackheads.