Liver Flush

Liver flush

Removal of toxins from the body is an integral part of Ayurvedic, yogic, and naturopathic medicine. Symptoms of poor health in people free from diagnosed disease may be related to toxin build-up. Improved liver detoxification capacity contributes to overall health and well-being. Detoxification programmes may produce improvements in subjective health reports. (MacIntosh A1, Ball K. The effects of a short program of detoxification in disease-free individuals. Altern Ther Health Med. 2000 Jul;6(4):70-6). Spring is traditionally the time to detox. Here are instructions for a detox including a Liver Flush, originally used by a Dr. Schulze. Dr. Richard Schulze, N.D., M.H . is one of the foremost authorities on natural medicine and herbalism in the World. He operated Natural Cure Clinics in New York, Southern California and Europe for almost 20 years up until 1994. The following method for a Liver Flush formed part of his programme for the treatment of so-called “incurable” diseases. After both, his parents, unfortunately, dying of heart attacks at an early age and he himself being diagnosed with an incurable disease, Dr Schulze changed his lifestyle and got better. 

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The Sluggish Liver Explained

sluggish liver

Do you live in the 21st century? Do You suffer from chronic fatigue, headaches, constipation, gallbladder disease / gallstones, aversion to fats, terrible hangovers etc? These are some common symptoms of what is known in naturopathic terms as a sluggish liver, or in other words a sign that your liver is overburdened by too many toxins. Herbal medicine, nutritional supplementation, dietary and lifestyle approaches can treat this condition naturally, without the use of pharmacological drugs.

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