Ghost Invasion

TCM and Mental Illness/Addiction. In TCM the Heart houses the Shen/mind. Mental illness is said to result from harassment of the Heart. Excess Phlegm can block the orifices of the Heart so that the Heart can no longer house the Shen.

This leads to what is described as a wandering Shen or mental illness. Deficiency of Yin or Blood can also lead to a wandering or scattered Shen.

I would like to discuss how acupuncture, flower essences and homeopathy, can be employed to expel ghosts and seal the aura to prevent further ghost invasion.

Chinese Medicine speaks of ghosts in its literature. This may seem outdated in our non-superstitious modern culture. Some explain this by saying the ancient Chinese were talking about the spirit world. Others think that ghost is a metaphor for addictions, self destructive behaviour and obsessions.

The Chinese word for ghost is gui. Gui also translates as excess phlegm. In TCM excess Phlegm causes the blood to become turbid, negatively affecting the mind and emotions. From a TCM perspective, mental illness can be caused by Ghost Invasion. Ghosts can invade a person with weak boundaries, resulting in symptoms on a physical, mental and emotional level. Traditionally, acupuncture to points called The Ghost Points, expel evil spirits to restore mental health. The idea of ghost invasion may be outdated, but ghost points are still clinically relevant, especially in a world where so many suffer from out of character behaviour and addiction. Whether the gui is an actual Ghost Invasion or Phlegm accumulation is inconsequential. In both cases the gui distracts the mind, scatters the spirit and weakens the will, leading to self-destructive or obsessive compulsive behaviour.

Miao explained the influence a "gui" on a person's life as the ghost invades and finally takes over. The person begins feeling a bit off; not quite like themselves. Soon they start acting not like themselves by doing things that are not in character. The person begins to isolate, protecting their obsessions, fixations and secret activities. The person feels controlled by these fixations. Inevitably, as the gui takes over, healths suffers. The gui takes control of the spirit. The spirit may have no choice but to depart. Loss of spirit means loss of life. The image Miao presents resembles the behavior of an addict. The "ghost" image is also reminiscent of a mental fixations, like paranoia, obsessive-compulsive disorder and depression.

The Ghost Points
The 13 Ghost Points were developed by Sun Si Miao, a Chinese Medical Doctor of the Tang Dynasty (618-907 BC). The Ghost Points are regular meridian points considered as spirit points. These points are indicated to treat disturbances of the spirit such as mania, nightmares, seizures, etc. Original text also say Ghost Points can be used to transcend time & space.

The 13 Ghost Points consists of Four Trinities (very Chinese :) and one point, Yin Tang, located between the eyes. Each trinity relates to progression of mania.

1st Trinity
In the 1st Trinity, there's initial build-up of Phlegm blocking the orifices of the Heart leading to wandering Shen. These points expel Heat and Wind and treat epilepsy.

Du 26 - Ghost Palace (Located under the nose) - Humanity
Associated with inheritance of ancestral genetics. Indicated for inappropriate, spontaneous laughter/crying.

Lung 11 - Ghost Faith (Located below the thumb nail on the radial side) World
Associated with the worldly affairs & undertakings. Clears Heat in channel.

Spleen 1 - Eye of the Ghost (Located on the medial side of the big toe below the nail) Earth
Indicated for feelings of disorientation.

2nd Trinity
In the 2nd Trinity, Wind causes excessive movement or paralysis. Attitudes become inflexible.
There's a lack of decisive direction.

Pericardium 7 - Ghost Heart (Located in the middle of the wrist crease between the tendons) Earth of Fire
Associated with Phlegm harassing the Heart, causing alternating laughing/crying/irritability. The Ghost is at the Pericardium, trying to get into the Heart, characterised by cravings for material objects.

Bladder 62 - Ghost Path (Located in a depression directly below the external ankle)
Associated with how the person deals with the world (the constitution). The person walks and thinks as the Ghost.

Du 16 - Ghost Pillow / Feng Fu – Warehouse of Change (Located on the back of the neck directly below the external occipital protuberance)
The Ghost has gained access into brain. Prescribed to treat inflexibility and inability to adapt to change.

3rd Trinity
Alcoholics and addicts are at this level.

Stomach 6 - Ghost Bed (Located at the angle of the jaw on the belly of the muscle)
The person is fully possessed by the Ghost. Assists with true empathy.

Ren 24 - Ghost Market (Located below the mouth in the center)
The Ghost is absorbing Yin. Assists ability to appreciate our own resources (our Yin). Prescribed to treat wasting diseases and nosebleeds (the body trying to get Ghosts out).

P8 - Ghost Cave (Located in the center of the palm, between the 2nd and 3rd metacarpals) Fire of Fire
Paranoia and self destruction sets in. The person doesn't know who they are because they don't embrace their Yin. Assists acknowledgement of true passion in life.

4th Trinity
Du 23 - Ghost Hall (Located on the head above the midpoint of the anterior hairline)
The Ghost has taken over. Phlegm blocks internal pathways. This point accesses the pituitary gland. Assists embracing self.

Ren 1 - Ghost Hidden (Located on the perineum, at the midpoint between scrotum or posterior labia and anus)
The Ghost has consumed all the Yin. The point is about embracing self.

LI 11 - Ghost Official (Located at the end of the crease on top of the elbow) Earth of Metal
Assists in you being responsible for your own emotions, outlook and place in society.

Hai Quan – (Located under the tongue at the centre of the lingual frenulum)
Assists enlightenment and treats Schizophrenia

Flower Essences for Protection
The following flower remedies seal the aura, prevent energy from dissipating and preserve physical and emotional strength.

Walnut is the remedy to protect us against outside influences and the effects of change.

White Yarrow
The person needing this remedy is highly strung and hypersensitive to the pain of others and a polluted environment.

Homeopathic Clairvoyant Remedies
In homeopathy, there are certain constitutional remedies that can be described as clairvoyant. Clairvoyants are at risk of ghost invasion if they don't have a strong boudaries. A correctly prescribed constitutional homeopathic remedy can protect from Ghost invasion.

Phosphorus, used to make matches, flares up with a blinding light, then suddenly disappears. This quality explains the Phosphorus patient; radiant, bubbly and energetic, but easily physically and mentally exhausted.

They are extremely sensitive on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Often clairvoyant and great mediums, they are extremely sensitive to others' emotions, to the point that they lack boundaries between themselves and others and are known as "psychogenic sponges."

Normally indicated in diseases associated with loss of fluids, China, made from chinchona bark, is the most sensitive remedy of all. Indicated to treat psychic and physical sensitivity; over-indulgence of passions exhausts the Vital Force, resulting in nervous tension.

Lachesis is made from the poison of the Bushmaster snake. Lachesis are clairvoyant and intuitive beings. The coiled serpent represents the lachesis individuals' kundalini sexual energy, rising up to creativity and spirituality.

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