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Glycaemic Index GI Food List

Low GI Foods
High GI Foods
Artichoke Asparagus Alfalfa sprouts Black beans Green beans Bok choy Brocolli Brussel sprouts Cabbage Celery Cauliflower Chickpeas Collard greens Eggplant Kale Kidney beans Leeks Lentils Mushrooms Okra Onions Sauerkraut Turnip Yellow Squash Spinach Zucchini

Baked beans Beetroot Butternut squash Carrots Corn Lima beans Parsnip Peas Pinto beans Potato Sweet potato
Salad Vegetables
Alfalfa Sprouts Bean sprouts Cucumber Endive Chicory Capsicum Iceberg lettuce Romaine lettuce Radishes Snow peas Tomatoes

Whole oats Barley flakes

Bread Buckwheat Couscous Croissant Muffins Millet Noodles Pancake Pita bread Popcorn Rice white/ brown Rice crackers Corn crackers Rolls Taco shall Tortilla

Apple Apricots Blackberries Cherries Grapefruit Grapes Honeydew melon Kiwi fruit Lemon Lime Nectarine Orange Mandarin Peach Pear Pineapple Plum Raspberries Rockmelon Strawberries Tangerine Watermelon

Banana Cranberries Dates Fig Guava Cumquat Mango Pawpaw Prunes Raisins Fruit juices All

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