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Natural Remedies for Colds

Well winter is here now and so are some nasty viruses. Various symptoms are produced as a result from tonsillitis to bronchitis. Herbal medicine and nutritional supplements can help you recover in half the time. Conventional medicine has no effective treatment against viral infections although the new nasal sprays are proving promising. Indeed antibiotics, once upon a time way over-prescribed, have no effect on viruses. Natural medicine on the other hand has a huge arsenal to assist the body in its recovery from viral infection.

Our body has its own army called the immune system. During a fever the immune system is at its height of activity. Stop suppressing the fever with paracetamol. The immune complexes are working hardest when our temperature is between 38-40C. If the temperature is between these amounts don’t worry. If the temperature rises over 40C then you need to take it down. Again, before reaching for the paracetamol remember to try tepid baths, cool flannels and reduce layers. Rejoice in the common cold! When it is managed naturally it exercises our immune systems and protects us and our children from more serious disease. For more information on fever management particularly for young children please consult a naturopath.

Don’t forget all the old school remedies that your grandmother wisely passed on to you.

Bed-rest – It is so important. Lose the soldier on attitude, you are too important.

Honey and lemon – Honey is antimicrobial and lemons are rich in vitamin C. The honey must be cold extracted. Manuka honey is a proven anti-microbial - forget the lozenge just have a teaspoon.

Chicken Soup – Or Jewish penicillin. It is important to maintain your fluids and this will help keep up your strength as well. Traditional stocks made from boiled bones are very nutritious.

Hot Toddy – Lemon, honey, whiskey and cloves. Good to help the big kids sleep.

Inhale – Olbas oil contains cajaput, which is a brochodilator to open the passages or Eucalyptus oil is similar. Add half a cap to some hot water in a bowl. Place a tea towel over your head and gently inhale the vapour.

Gargle – Salty water or lemon for sore throats. Sage and thyme are strong anti-microbials that can be made into a strong herbal tea and gargled also.

* Betacarotene When converted to vitamin A, maintains the integrity of the mucous membranes of the throat, nose, mouth and lungs, thereby keeping viruses out.

* Vitamin C Anti-bacterial and anti-viral. Assists with the production of antibodies and T-lymphocytes, produced in the thymus gland.

* Vitamin E As an anti-oxidant it scavenges free radicals produced in disease. Enhances cell mediated immunity, lymphocyte response and Natural Killer Cells. Is anti-bacterial and anti-viral.

* Selenium Anti-oxidant and enhances lymphocytes, phagocytes, the thymus gland and all white blood cells.

* Zinc Anti-viral, prevent thymus atrophy

* Echinacea Increases white blood cells, T lymphocytes, macrophages and Natural Killer Cells. Anti-viral and anti-bacterial.


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