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Auricular Acupuncture for Weight Loss and Smoking Cessation

Different ways to treat the ear

  • Press needles
  • Press seeds
  • Press magnets
  • Use of moxa
  • Ear Massage
  • Ear self massage
  • Ear Qi Gong

Auricular Acupuncture Primary points

There are five primary points. One of these points would be used in every points prescription.

The five points are:

1. Point zero

2. Shenmen

3. Sympathetic (Autonomic)

4. Thalamus or subcortex

5. Endocrine

Shenmen and sympathetic have been completed as part of the detox programme.


Point zero

Location: In the root of the helix as it rises from the concha ridge.

Function: Brings homeostatic balance - balance of qi and blood, energy, hormones and brain activity.

Thalamus or Subcortex Location: Directly below the apex of the antitragus where the concha wall meets the lower concha.

Function: regulate over excitement, restores tranquillity, reduces sweating, swelling and shock.


Location: At the base of the inter tragic notch.

Function: Regulates endocrine hormones, relieves hypertension, rheumatism and urogenital disorders. Also for menstrual disorders, skin problems and weight loss.

Smoking Cessation and Weight Loss




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