Traditional Indications

Elderberry is anti-inflammatory, aperient, diaphoretic, diuretic, emetic, emollient, expectorant, galactogogue, haemostatic, laxative and ophthalmic. Elderberry is widely used in herbal medicine and traditionally indicated for cold, influenza, and catarrhal inflammation. (1)

In Traditional Chinese Medicine Jiē Gǔ Mù 接骨木enters the Lung, Kidneys & Bladder meridians to release the exterior, clear Heat, promote sweating, resolve Damp & tonify Lung Qi to expel Phlegm. (2)


Elderberry extract to offer an efficient, safe and cost-effective treatment for influenza. (3)

Elderberry is a natural neuraminidase (NA) inhibitor. (4) Neuraminidase inhibitors (NAIs) block the neuraminidase enzyme and are commonly used as antiviral drugs because they block the function of viral neuraminidases of the influenza virus cell. The compound cyanidin-3sambubiocide, an anthocyanin flavonoid displays potent NA inhibition. (5)

Elderberry fruit extract displays inhibitory potential on H5N1-type influenza A virus (avian influenza). (4)

Elderberry fruit extract enhances interferon-β (IFN-β)n response. (6) IFNs are proteins known as cytokines, molecules responsible for triggering Immune defences to help eradicate pathogens. IFN are named for their ability to "interfere" with viral replication by protecting cells from virus infections. IFNs also activate immune cells, such as natural killer cells and macrophages; they increase host defences by up-regulating antigen presentation by virtue of increasing the expression of major histocompatibility complex (MHC) antigens to help immune cells differentiate self cells from foreign invading cells. Flu like symptoms" including fever and muscle pain are caused by the production of IFNs and other cytokines. (7)

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