Fu Ling Herb

Traditional indications

In Traditional Chinese Medicine Poria is known as Fu Ling茯苓 (1) and considered on of the premier Yin tonic herbs. Fu Ling is said to be neutral and bland and to enters the Lung, Liver and Heart channels to dry Dampness and tonify the Heart and Spleen to treat poor appetite, loose stools, palpations, insomnia, amnesia, oedema, eliminate phlegm, promote urination and dizziness. Fu Ling calms Shen and soothes the heart and mind and tonifies Yin. (2)


Shi Quan Da Bu Tang is traditionally used to tonify the Blood and Qi to treat anaemia, anorexia, extreme exhaustion, fatigue, kidney and spleen insufficiency and general weakness, particularly after illness and after chemotherapy. It has been found to potentiate (make it work better) chemotherapy and radiotherapy and inhibit malignant recurrences, prolong survival and prevent and ameliorate adverse toxicities in cancer treatment. (3) In Japanese herbal medicine (Kampo) the formula is known Juzen Taiho To and has been shown to increase expression of heavy metal chelating metallothioneins (MTs). (4) Shi Quan Da Bu Tang also increases transcription factor Nrf2 to support phase II detoxification thus regulate the body's detoxification and antioxidant system. (5) Alfalfa Medicago sativa contains heavy metal chelating plant metallothiones. (6)

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