Traditional Indications

Lady’s mantle is astringent, diuretic, anti-inflammatory, emmenagogue and vulnerary. This and other species of Alchemilla have been widely used in folk medicine throughout Europe. Lady's Mantle will help reduce pains associated with periods as well as ameliorating excessive bleeding. It also has a role to play in easing the changes of the menopause. As an emmenagogue it stimulates the proper menstrual flow if there is any resistance. However, in the often apparently paradoxical way of herbal remedies, Lady's Mantle is a useful uterine astringent, used in both menorrhagia and metrorrhagia. (1)


The active constituents monomeric and oligomeric ellagitannins such as sanguiin H-10, castalagin/vescalagin, and galloyl-bis-hexahydroxydiphenoyl (HHDP) hexose constituted the major phenolic fraction of both plant species. Also, gallic and chlorogenic acids were found in Alchemilla vulgaris. (2)

Alchemilla vulgaris L. extracts displays anti-viral activity that is dose dependent.(3)

Topical lady’s mantle has been used successfully to treat aphthous stomatitis. (4)

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