Birth Aid Kit

Birth Aid Kit

Brand: Carahealth

Homeopathic Birth Aid Kit

Homeopathic Birth Kit 

To be used during labour & after childbirth to alleviate pain, facilitate labour, smoothe the emotions. Formulated by a degree-qualified homeopath & mother. Now in a hard case!

7 remedies. (200c unless otherwise stated)

Aconite napellus (Acon): Contractions feel violent and intense, producing a state of FEAR AND ANXIETY Restless, agitated and fearful that may die. Baby appears shocked and frightened after birth.

Arnica montana (Arn) – Feel BRUISED SORE, as if beaten during labour. Don’t want people to touch. Relieves soft tissue damage (perineum or abdomen) following birth or caesarian section – reduces swelling, bruising, and risk of infection, and promotes healing. Useful for caput or cephalohaematoma of newborn.

Bellis perennis (Bell-p) – For BRUISED, SORE pelvic or abdominal tissues following birth or Caesarean section. Bellis often follows well AFTER ARNICA, or when Arnica fails to relieve the discomfort or pain.

Caulophyllum thalictriodes/Blue Cohosh (Caul) – False labour where pains fly about the abdomen. Rigid cervix with pricking pains – cervix fails to dilate. Contractions become irregular and cease. TO INDUCE LABOUR

Gelsemium sempervirens (Gels) – WEAKNESS AND EXHAUSTION– difficult to support weight. Muscles tremble with the effort of movement. Contractions weaken and cease.

Hypericum perforatum (Hyper) – SHOOTING nerve pains following perineal damage or caesarian section.

Pulsatilla pratensis (Puls) – Changeable and erratic contractions. For TRANSITION. Very restless. WEEPY and wanting support and comfort from others. Happy to be held. Flushed face.


All remedies listed are in 30C potency except Arnica which is a 200C. Take 2-4 small pills (one dose) under the tongue until dissolved. Tip pills into cap for administering them to avoid touching the pills. Repeat dose after 1-2hrs if needed. For acute symptoms take one dose every 30 minutes (during labour perhaps even every 10 mins) for the first 3-4 doses, then drop back to one dose every 1-2 hrs if needed. Once condition improves stop taking the remedy. If symptoms change, then change the remedy. For babies/infants you can put pills in glass of water, swish around with teaspoon and feed a tsp of water mixture into mouth. You do not need to wait for pill to dissolve. Alternatively, crush the pills and feed directly.


Homeopathic remedies maintain their potency for many years. Keep them away from strong smelling substances like essential oils, toothpaste, artificial perfumes and cleaning agents. Keep them away from strong electrical interference like airport security conveyors, mobile phones and microwaves etc. Store in a cool, dark, dry place where possible.

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Carahealth does not endorse the use of homeopathic medicines as an alternative to vaccination for the prevention of serious infectious diseases. Carahealth recommends that members of the public seek the advice of their GP, and/or relevant Department of Health guidelines, concerning vaccination and protection against disease. This kit may be suitable for someone who cannot have vaccines due to medical reasons.