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 Fluoride Removal Gravity Fed Water Filters since 2008

Chlorine Shower Filter

The KDF-55 ‘Golden sand media’ then removes up to 95% of harmful chlorine & chemicals from the water, along with up to 98% of soluble heavy metals. This gives you a luxurious shower free of bleaching and harmful chemicals, the benefits are not only restricted to you health however.  
Scientists warn

You can inhale &/or absorb chlorine vapours and other pollutants while showering. Tests show that the body absorbs more chlorine by taking a ten minute shower than by drinking 8 glasses of the same water.

How it works!

The shower filter utilises the latest multi-stage filtration technology, consisting of polypropylene pre-filters, KDF-55 ‘Golden sand media’ and special flow improving baffles. Firstly the pre-filter mesh removes dirt and sediment from the water, prolonging the life of the shower filter.


Inexpensive, simple and easy to install

Those with coloured hair and highlights will notice their hair will stay more vibrant for longer.

Experience the true effect of soaps and shampoos with pure clean bathing water.

Reduced skin irritation when showering,

Vapours containing bleach will be nearly eliminated.

The filter can be used for both high and low pressure applications.

Lasts for 1 year, has a date indication ring so you know when to change


For the bath try our Bath ball. It simply hangs onto your bath tap, 

where the water passes through the filtration media contained in the ball & comes out with up to 90% less chlorine!