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 Fluoride Removal Gravity Fed Water Filters since 2008


Fluoride Cartridge

Do I need to remove Fluoride? - Yes Many independent specialists condemn the addition of fluoride to your drinking water. No proven benefits exist. The addition of fluoride to drinking water has been linked with increased risk of bone cancer, damage to the central nervous system and has been banned by a number of EU countries.


Fluoride removal cartridge How does it work The special disposable cartridge contains the very latest granular activated alumina, specifically designed for removal of fluoride from the water as it passes though the cartridge.


How is it fitted? The fluoride cartridges will be an add-on to your ordinary cartridges. It fits on the lower housing and will be screwed to the ceramic cartridges in the upper housing.

When will the cartridge need changing? The cartridge can last up to 2100 litres. The cartridge will last according to how much fluoride is in the raw water supply. It is never an exact science and will vary from water between different supplies. For articles on fluoride, dangers of plastic water bottles, reverse osmosis and other health related issues.

Price: 17.50 euros per cartridge

Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, believed that to cure the patient you need to stimulate the "Ponos" or the self-healing spirit of the body. He did this through optimum nutrition and pure drinking water!

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