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 Fluoride Removal Gravity Fed Water Filters since 2008


Carahealth Portable Water Filters

Environmentally aware - Gravity Fed Water Filters
Ceramic gravity filters remove 99% of contaminants!

Chemicals: Chlorine: Pesticides, Trihalomethanes, etc

Bacteria and Amoebas: Cryptosporidium , E–Coli, Giardia, etc

Suspended solids & heavy metals: Mercury, Lead, Cadmium, Uranium, Radon.

Fluoride removal cartridge also available.

For more information on the contaminants removed by the Carahealth Gravity Fed Water Filter, please see also Contaminants Removed by Carahealth Gravity Fed Water Filters.

The environmentally solution to poor quality & contaminated drinking water, for less than 3 cents per/litre,
Including fluoride removal - no instillation costs.

1. The only solution to remove all contaminants whilst removing issues such as acidised water (reverse Osmosis and Distilled water).

2. Offers Zero wastewater thus reduces the environmental impact.

3. Less expensive and healthy alternative to plastic water containers: Plastic has been proven to leech Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET, PETE), these have been shown to increase your risk of breast & prostate cancer amongst many other diseases (www.carahealth.ie to view full article).

4. Environment: We all have a responsibility to the environment, our filters are constructed of durable ceramic & stainless steel, the filters are constructed of ceramic, charcoal & silver. They are recommended for change every 6 month or 2000 litres (per filter). Therefore they offer an environmental, portable solution to clean safe drinking water.

5. Environmentally aware = In-Expensive: In our present financial environment any products that require regular shipping, replacement, electrical power, etc will become more expensive with gradual price increases, opt out & go for the simplest system on the market Gravity water filters

6. Health giving minerals remain: magnesium, potassium, etc

For full details email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., enjoy your water life!

Taste the difference

Ceramic water filters remove 99% of impurities, bacteria’s, amoeba’s, chemical’s and heavy metals. Only the natural flavours will remain. Imagine the real taste of water, tea & coffee, only perfection of flavour with no after tastes or odours.

How Does It Work?

The process is straightforward. By filling the top reservoir with water straight from your tap, the forces of gravity naturally allow the water to seep through the micro-porous ceramic walls of the candle dripping steadily & collecting in the bottom reservoir as clean drinking water.

The Ceramic Filter Candle: The working heart of the filter with natural construction of ceramic & charcoal. It screens the water down to one micron thus removing up to 99% of bacteria, chemicals and suspended solids. The water then passes through the activated carbon particle core, killing any bacteria and removing bad taste and odours.

Maintenance - The candle needs to be cleaned regularly by brushing under running water & replaced periodically, depending on the condition of your water supply. The ceramic & fluoride candles should be replaced every six months or 2000 litres to fully maintain their effectiveness.

Fluoride removal cartridge - The special disposable cartridge contains the very latest granular activated alumina, specifically designed for removal of fluoride from the water as it passes though the cartridge. - The fluoride cartridges will be an add-on to your ordinary cartridges. It will go on the lower housing & will be screwed to the ordinary cartridges in the upper housing.

History of gravity fed ceramic water filters.

In 1835, Queen Victoria recognised the present health dangers in her drinking water & commissioned a water filter for the Royal household. The gravity fed stoneware filter was born, this combined the technology of a ceramic filter with the artistry of a hand crafted pottery water container.

These are still in use today and are the basis of international water purification where mains suppliers are not present or are unaffordable The Importance of Minerals in Drinking Water,

What is pure water? Pure is a term, which means, "free from tainting or polluting matter".

Therefore, pure drinking water is fresh water without pollutants and not processed water where all your naturally occurring mineral constituents have been artificially extracted. A complex mix of naturally occurring elements are present in our water and Man has evolved with these elements present and derives benefit from them.

For details on Fluoride and other health related issues go to www.carahealth.com, our resident Naturopath, Acupuncturist and Homeopath offers online articles and advice. Ask Carina! If you require further details please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.