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Over 40% of cancers attributable to just 14 lifestyle factors

The British Journal of Cancer has published a report which evaluates the percentage of cancers in the UK that were the result of exposure to 14 common, and for the most part, modifiable lifestyle, dietary and environmental factors. Researchers calculated that some 43% of all new cases of cancer in the UK (approximately 134,000 new cases in 2010) and about 50% of all cancer deaths could be attributed to these lifestyle factors.

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This is something that many nutritionists have been talking about all along. Imagine if there was a pill that could reduce the incidence of cancer by 40%?! We should focus more on lifestyle factors rather than a pharmacological approach to cancer prevention. There will never be a pill that reduces the rsik of cancer by 40%.

Top 14 Lifestyle and Environmental Factors

1. Tobacco use

2. Alcohol consumption (moderate consumption as seen in French Paradox and Mediterannean Diet not only OK but life extending in my opinion, due to resveratrol)

3. Fruit and vegetables intake/deficiency

4. Red meat consumption

5. Fibre intake/deficiency

6. Salt intake

7. Overweight and Obesity

8. Physical exercise

9. Exogenous hormone use (HRT/OCP)

10. Infections (including H.Pylori and HPV virus)

11. Radiation exposure

12. Sun/sunbed exposure

13. Occupational exposure

14. Reproduction: not breastfeeding

To see a full copy of the open access supplement you can visit: http://info.cancerresearchuk.org/groups/cr_common/@nre/@new/@pre/documents/generalcontent/cr_080626.pdf