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What does a naturopathic consultation Involve?

As a triple degree qualified practitioner in acupuncture, naturopathy and homeopathy, in my clinic I combine techniques from all three modalities, including case history taking skills, diagnostic skills and treatment.

I studied 3 x 4 year full-time Australian Bachelor of Health Science degrees in Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM). A good naturopath is taught we do not need machines to test. I do rely on and may recommend GP tests.

I describe myself as an old school Naturopath who relies on the symptoms derived during a consultation to diagnose. Particular symptoms indicate an underlying naturopathic cause including a specific vitamin or mineral deficiency. In order to ascertain a naturopathic diagnosis, I use questioning skills from each modality to take a more comprehensive case history. To confirm my diagnosis, I combine Chinese diagnostic techniques including tongue and pulse diagnosis, in combination with iridology and nail analysis at the end of a full consultation to confirm what I already expect.

A Naturopathic Diagnosis is holistic and assesses the physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual aspects of a person. For example from a Western Medical Perspective you may be medically diagnosed as Hypothyroid however, from a Naturopathic Medical Perspective your diagnosis might be;

  • Decreased Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) due to "Functional Hypothyroid".
  • Poor breakdown of fats and increased visceral adiposity due to a "Sluggish Liver".
  • Excess cravings for carbohydrates due to “Insulin Resistance” and "Functional Hypoglycemia".
  • Long term stress leading to "Adrenal Exhaustion", cortisol spikes and resultant weight gain
  • Long term stress leading to “Nervous System Exhaustion” and emotional eating
  • Nutritional deficiencies of Iodine, EFAs, selenium

Treatment Principles would thus be

  • Tonify the thyroid to boost BMR
  • Improve insulin sensitivity
  • Balance blood sugar
  • Tonify the adrenal gland
  • Nourish the nervous system
  • Replace nutritional deficiencies

Treatment in the terms of dietary, lifestyle, supplement and herbal medicine recommendations are then derived from these treatment principles.

As an Acupuncturist, I will also diagnose your Pattern of Disharmony according to Traditional Chinese Medicine. In obesity, it may be something like Cold Damp Accumulation due to Spleen Qi and Yang Deficiency. I will prescribe Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine and Chinese Dietary Therapy to treat your Pattern of Disharmony. Rather than prescribing Chinese Herbal Patent Formulas, I specialise in preparing Traditional Chinese Herbal Formulations in organic tincture form as these are superior quality

Once I have confirmed a Naturopathic Diagnosis, I will then explain the Naturopathic Causes of your condition from a Naturopathic Perspective so that you will hopefully remove these causes to the best of your ability and have a better chance for cure, depending also, on the strength of your Vital Force. As the "Stress-Less Naturopath" I tailor a Health Management Solution to suit your lifestyle.

I am trained in pharmacology, herbal and supplement contraindications and drug/nutrient, drug/herb interactions. I can prescribe safely if you are pregnant and breastfeeding or on medication. As a Herbalist and Nutritionist I specialise in matching the pharmacological actions of drugs with natural alternatives using compounds found in food and herbs. I will always give dietary advice and assess your diet for nutritional deficiencies.

What to expect during a Naturopathic consultation?

At either a consult in person or an online consultation I will;

  • Discuss your presenting symptoms
  • Discuss any medications that you take to ensure that there are no drug/nutrient or drug/herb contraindications with proposed or current treatment
  • Discuss your past health history
  • Discuss your family history
  • Ask you questions about relevant body systems to gain a better understanding of your condition
  • Perform nail analysis and tongue and pulse diagnosis to asses for mineral deficiencies (For online consult you will need to email photo of tongue)
  • Perform Iridology (for online consult you will need to attach photo of left and right iris)
  • Take your blood pressure
  • May recommend blood or other tests
  • Explain the Naturopathic Causes of your health issues from a Naturopathic Medical Perspective
  • Provide a diagnosis from a Chinese Medical Perspective
  • Prescribe treatment in the terms of diet, (including Chinese dietary therapy), lifestyle, herbal medicine, homeopathy and supplements in the form of an email prescription.
  • Provide ongoing support through Online Naturopathic Health Resource and Consultant Services.
  • Face-to-face consultation includes acupuncture according to your Pattern of Disharmony.

Carina Harkin BHSc.Nat.BHSc.Hom.BHSc.Acu.Cert IV TAE.

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