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Naturopathic Consultant Carina Harkin BHSc.Acu. BHSc.Nat. BHSc.Hom.

Hi my name is Carina. As a triple degree qualified practitioner in acupuncture, naturopathy and homeopathy, in my clinic I combine techniques from all three modalities, including case history taking skills, diagnostic skills and treatment.

I am an old school Naturopath who relies on symptoms derived during a consultation to diagnose. In order to ascertain a naturopathic diagnosis, I use questioning skills from each modality to take a more comprehensive case history. To confirm my diagnosis, I  combine Chinese diagnostic techniques including tongue and pulse diagnosis, in combination with iridology and nail analysis. A Naturopathic diagnosis is holistic and assesses the physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual aspects of a person. For example from a Western Medical Perspective you may be medically diagnosed as obese, however, from a Naturopathic Medical Perspective your diagnosis might be;

  • Decreased Basal Metabolic Rate BMR due to "Functional Hypothyroid".
  • Poor breakdown of fats due to a "Sluggish Liver".
  • Excess cravings for carbohydrates due to "Blood Sugar Imbalance" and "Hormone Imbalance".
  • Long term stress leading to "Nervous System Exhaustion" and emotional eating.

Treatment Principles and Treatments are then derived from this diagnosis.

As an Acupuncturist, I will also diagnose your Pattern of Disharmony according to Traditional Chinese Medicine. In obesity, it may be something like Cold Damp Accumulation due to Spleen Qi and Yang Deficiency. I will prescribe Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine and Chinese Dietary Therapy to treat your Pattern of Disharmony. As a Herbalist and Acupuncturist, Rather than prescribe Chinese Herbal Patent Formulas, I specialise in preparing Traditional Chinese Herbal Formulations in organic tincture form as these are, in my opinion, better quality. As a Herbalist and Nutritionist I specialise in matching the pharmacological actions of drugs with natural alternatives using compounds found in food and herbs. I will always give dietary advice and assess your diet for nutritional deficiencies.

Once I have confirmed a Naturopathic Diagnosis, I will then discuss the Naturopathic Causes of your condition from a Naturopathic Perspective so that you will hopefully remove these causes (or at least limit them :) and have a better chance for cure, depending also, on the strength of your Vital Force. As the "Stress-Less Naturopath" I tailor realistic Treatment Principles and prescribe Treatment in terms of diet, lifestyle, supplement advice and herbal medicine. Most importantly, I tailor a Health Management Solution to suit your lifestyle.

My goal in treatment is not to see you (except for occasions like weddings, births and seasonal flu). If you keep booking consultations then I am not doing a good enough job. I want you to get better and, once we get over the hurdle of managing your presenting symptoms, I can teach you how to maintain your health with natural remedies.

I am trained in pharmacology, herbal and supplement contraindications and drug/nutrient, drug/herb interactions.  I can prescribe safely if you are pregnant and breastfeeding or on medication. I am the author of 2 published trials in natural medicine, Effect Of Homeopathic Calcium on Bone Density published in Homeolinks Journal and A Prospective Randomised Control Trial of Acupuncture for Select Common Conditions within the Emergency Department published in The Journal Of Chinese Medicine.

Whilst I am not opposed to Western Medicine, I wholeheartedly believe that Natural Medicine is a real alternative. As a naturopath I don't believe in suppressing symptoms as this damages the Vital Force/Qi. I believe in supporting the natural healthy expression of disease and do not believe in "artificial immunity" hence I oppose vaccinations. The alarming increase in the vaccination schedule has in part contributed to the rapid rise in allergic diseases such as eczema, asthma, hay fever etc, autoimmune diseases and cancer (see also the Naturopathic Causes and Treatment of Cancer and the Naturopathic Causes and Treatment of Autoimmune Disease). I understand this may challenge your beliefs, however I strongly believe our children are meant to get childhood diseases such as chicken pox and measles etc, in order to promote a fever that exercises an immature immune system so that it can fight off more serious disease. As a mother of seven children who are un-vaccinated and have not had antibiotics, I see the Vital Force in action every day. I use tepid baths, homeopathics and acupuncture to manage fevers rather than suppress them with paracetamol. I use herbal antimicrobials and antivirals instead of antibiotics.

What to expect during a naturopathic consultation?

At either a consult in person or an online consultation I will;

  • Discuss your presenting symptoms
  • Discuss any medications that you take to ensure that there are no drug/nutrient or drug/herb contraindications with proposed or current treatment
  • Discuss your past health history
  • Discuss your family history
  • Ask you questions about relevant body systems to gain a better understanding of your condition
  • Perform nail analysis and tongue and pulse diagnosis to asses for mineral deficiencies (For online consult you will need to email photo of tongue)
  • Perform Iridology (for online consult you will need to attach photo of left and right iris)
  • Take your blood pressure
  • May recommend blood or other tests
  • Explain the Naturopathic Causes of your health issues from a Naturopathic Medical Perspective
  • Provide a diagnosis from a Chinese Medical Perspective
  • Give you an Acupuncture treatment based on your presenting Pattern of Disharmony (or Cosmetic Acupuncture for Facial Rejuvenation)
  • Prescribe Treatment in the terms of diet, (including Chinese Dietary Therapy), lifestyle, herbal medicine, homeopathy and supplements.
  • Provide ongoing support through www.carahealth.com Online Naturopathic Health Resource and Consultant Services.

To arrange an appointment and for further information, please email me.

About our products

We aim to source the highest quality health care products at affordable prices. Our current range of water filters provides safe, clean, fantastic tasting water for less than 3 cents per litre, with no installation costs. Plastic bottles are an environmental nightmare and leach Bisphenol A a potent endocrine disruptor and cancer causing agent. Fluoride is a byproduct of the fertilising industry and poses unnecessary health risks particularly for the thyroid. This is why we have designed our solution.The herbal tinctures are my practitioner range I have developed after teaching Nutritional Therapy and Naturopathy, so that you can have the researched based herbs without seeing the herbalist.

Online Naturopathic Consultation

To arrange an appointment email me.

Online consultations costs are 60 euro/dollars for a first consult (1 hr), and 50 euro/dollars (45min) for subsequent consultations. Payment can be made using PayPal.

Consultations encompass the use of Skype, video conferencing, email, texting and telephone.Treatment plans including naturopathic diagnosis, treatment principles and treatment in terms of diet, lifestyle and supplement advice. Prescriptions will be emailed. Herbs can be supplied worldwide.

Why see one practitioner when you can see three for the price of one!

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