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You are what you eat!

Nutritionists apply knowledge of the therapeutic and preventive potential of food, diet and supplements including vitamins, minerals and trace elements to maintain and promote our patients health. The nutritionist may plan appropriate patient-based diets and prescribe nutritional supplements for general well being, or to treat clients with specific health conditions.

My priority is to replace with supplements and maintain with food. In an ideal world, we can get all our nutrients from our food, however the 21st century poses many challenges, with non-organic farming methods, environmental pollution and the abuse of pharmaceuticals indicate the need for supplementation.

A nutritionist assesses a patients diet for nutritional deficiencies and also determines particular nutritional deficiencies by the symptoms a patient has. For example, spasms and twitches of the eye are a symptom of magnesium deficiency. White spots on the nails are either zinc or calcium deficiency etc.

A nutritionist can determine food allergy or intolerance. In fact, these words often get misused by many under trained practitioners. Food allergy is described as an immunological reaction involving the production of an anti-body whereas food intolerance is described as a pharmacological reaction to the compounds in foods, similar to the side effects when taking medication. The word allergy should be reserved for reactions that involve the immune system only. A true food allergy requires the presence of IgE antibodies against the food.

A common example of misuse is when people say they are allergic to cheese because it gives them headaches. This reaction is not allergy, but actually food intolerance to the vasoactive amines in the cheese. In reality, food allergy affects relatively few people but can be quite severe when it does.

A good nutritionist will use a low reactive diet and an oral food challenge to test for food allergy. This is the gold standard test. Machines will give false positives due to different circumstances. A nutritionist will prescribe foods known as “living foods” or “super foods”. These are enzyme rich and nutrient dense foods.

My focus is always on foods that are the known richest sources of a nutrient to prevent a condition. For example, sulforaphane and indoles rich broccoli to prevent prostate cancer, isoflavone rich Kudzu root powder to prevent hormone dependant female cancers and beta-glucan rich oats to lower your cholesterol etc.

Most importantly I tell you what you can eat, not what you cant. I will prescribe a diet that is suited to your lifestyle and environment and your social life. My philosophy is take stress off the menu, enjoy your food life!

As a busy and healthy mother of 6, I am a realist. I have 101 recipes I can make in 15 minutes that cover all nutritional requirements that I share in my practice with you.

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