Water Filters

Eco Water Filter

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Healthy, Clean, Safe & Great Tasting Drinking Water from Tap, Well, River & Rain Supplies Leave healthy minerals in, don't use electricity, from 2€ a week (less than a cup of coffee) or 3c p/ltr Plastic Water Bottles, Britta Filters.

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Bone Charcoal Ceramic Filter Candle

The working heart of the filter, with a natural construction of ceramic & charcoal. It screens the water down to 1 micron thus removing up to 99% of bacteria & suspended solids including microplastics. The water then passes through the activated carbon particle core where chemicals, heavy, taste and odours are removed. Bone charcoal has a high calcium content which naturally displaces fluoride.

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Contaminants Removed by Eco Water Filters

stainless steel filterThe Healthy Natural Choice For Great Tasting Drinking Water: Removes 99% of contaminants

Produces clean and safe drinking water from tap, well, river & rain supplies. Only 3 cents a litre - no installation costs! Leaves the healthy minerals in...does not use electricity ever!! Produces up to 50 litres per day of freshly filtered water.

ChemicalsChlorine, Lindane, Ammonia, Pesticides, Trihalomethanes, Fluoride

Bacteria and AmoebasCryptosporidium, E-Coli, Giardia

Suspended Solids and Heavy metalsMercury, Lead, Cadmium

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Chlorine Removal Bath Filter

The KDF-73 ‘Golden mesh media’ removes up to 90% of harmful chlorine, chemicals & heavy metals from the water, along with up to 90% of soluble heavy metals. Crystalline quartz gives the water a softened effect, & harmonizes it by reducing surface tension. This gives you a luxurious bath virtually free of bleaching and harmful chemicals, the benefits are not only restricted to you health however.

Scientists warn, you can inhale &/or absorb chlorine vapours & other polutants while bathing - Tests show that the body absorbs more chlorine by taking a bath than by drinking several glasses of the same water.

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Chlorine Removal Shower Filter

Shower Filter 2

The KDF-55 ‘Golden sand media’ removes up to 95% of harmful chlorine & chemicals from the water, along with up to 98% of soluble heavy metals, giveing you a luxurious shower free of bleaching and harmful chemicals. The benefits are not only restricted to your health.

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