Water Filters

Eco Water Filter

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Healthy, Clean, Safe & Great Tasting Drinking Water from Tap, Well, River & Rain Supplies Leave healthy minerals in, don't use electricity, from 2€ a week (less than a cup of coffee) or 3c p/ltr Plastic Water Bottles, Britta Filters.

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Contaminants Removed

stainless steel filter

List of contaminant removed by Carahealth Eco Water Filter. Produces clean & safe drinking water from tap, well, river & rain supplies. 3 cents a litre - no installation costs! Leaves the healthy minerals in, does not use electricity ever!. Produces up to 50 litres per day of freshly filtered water.

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Chlorine Removal Shower Filter

Shower Filter 2

The KDF-55 ‘Golden sand media’ removes up to 95% of harmful chlorine & chemicals from the water, along with up to 98% of soluble heavy metals, giveing you a luxurious shower free of bleaching and harmful chemicals. The benefits are not only restricted to your health.

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Bone Charcoal Ceramic Filter Candle

The working heart of the filter, with a natural construction of ceramic & charcoal. It screens the water down to 1 micron thus removing up to 99% of bacteria & suspended solids including microplastics. The water then passes through the activated carbon particle core where chemicals, heavy, taste and odours are removed. Bone charcoal has a high calcium content which naturallydisplaces fluoride.

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Chlorine Removal Bath Filter

The KDF-73 ‘Golden mesh media’ removes up to 90% of harmful chlorine, chemicals & heavy metals from the water, along with up to 90% of soluble heavy metals. Crystalline quartz gives the water a softened effect, & harmonizes it by reducing surface tension. This gives you a luxurious bath virtually free of bleaching and harmful chemicals, the benefits are not only restricted to you health however.

Scientists warn, you can inhale &/or absorb chlorine vapours & other polutants while bathing - Tests show that the body absorbs more chlorine by taking a bath than by drinking several glasses of the same water.

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