Plastic Detox

recyclingplasticThe scale of global microplastic contamination is staggering.
We are eating, drinking and breathing plastic! It is in bottled and tap water. In Germany plastic fibres & fragments were found in all 24 beer brands tested, as well as in honey & sugar. In Paris in 2015, researchers discovered microplastic falling from the air, which they estimated deposits 3 to 10 tonnes of fibres on the city each year, & that it was also present in the air in people’s homes. 

Microplastics in Drinking Water: Plastic Detox

Micro Plastics

Thankfully David Attenborough’s Blue Planet has finally brought to global attention that fact that plastic contamination is ubiquitous. Frighteningly, the recent ORB studies and others highlighted that plastic is in bottled, tap and even some well water globally. We are eating, drinking and breathing plastic. We're not really sure what it is doing to us, or indeed, if there is anything we can do to help get it out of our bodies? Getting it out of water is relatively easy and thankfully, given the right herbal and nutritional support, our liver can metabolise and eliminate the plastic that accumulates in us.

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The Danger of Burning Plastic

plastic pollution

The "convenience" of plastics in our fast paced lives is to the detriment of our health. The recent study published in the Guardian revealed billions of people globally are drinking tap water contaminated by plastic particles, with 83% of samples found to be polluted! This has me question; where is it from? The answer is, in part, it comes from burning it. The current disgraceful short-sighted move here in Ireland to weigh the rubbish is certainly not the answer. This only creates a burn it to save money mentality. Burning plastic releases carbon monoxide, dioxins and furans the most toxic chemicals known to science. Remove microplastics from your tap water and stop buying plastic bottles immediately Buy a Carahealth Gravity Fed Water Filter Today. At only €2 a week for chemical free/ plastic free water, what are you waiting for? Ditch the plastic;Save the Planet

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Is Your Plastic Water Bottle or Filter Safe?

Remove contamionants including microplastics - from 2€ a week (less than a cup of coffee)

Many people buy bottled water because they believe it is good for them. In actual fact, it is most likely doing more harm than good. All plastic water bottles in Ireland are made from a type of plastic called Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET, PETE). This is indicated by the number 1 inside the little triangle on the bottom of the bottle. PET and PETE contain bisophenpl A and is implicated in a wide range of health disorders. Drinking from plastic increases your risk of breast and prostate cancer and many other diseases.

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