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Cryptosporidium Detected in Dublin’s Water Supply

CryptosparidiumThe water-borne pathogen cryptosporidium was detected in Dublin’s water supply in February 2012. The council said it had notified the Health Service Executive and the Environmental Protection Agency of the findings. It is not uncommon to find minute traces of cryptosporidium in the water system, noting that there were five such finds in Dublin last year and three in January this year.

In 2007 a large-scale outbreak of cryptosporidium in Galway resulted in up to 250 people becoming ill and the water supply to the city being shut down for five months. The outbreak was linked to untreated sewage getting into Lough Corrib, from where drinking water is sourced.

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You Should be Very Concerned About Lead in Water


Lead is a toxic metal that was used for many years in products found in and around our homes. Lead also can be emitted into the air from motor vehicles and industrial sources, and lead can enter drinking water from lead pipes used as plumbing materials. Lead may cause a range of health effects, from behavioural problems and learning disabilities to seizures and death.

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Trihalomethanes In Galway Water

poision waterA few weeks back in The Galway Independent we were all told again that Galway’s Water is unfit for human consumption. What the? I am concerned. Unlike many Galwegians who fill their fluid quota with Guinness, some of us actually drink the water.


Last time it was the dreaded Cryptosporidium -  An insidious little critter that was the cause of a numerous bouts of gastroenteritis. Well to combat that problem it seems that the cure may be worse than the original problem.

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Reverse Osmosis The Real Story

Is drinking water safe to drink?

The answer unfortunately is no. There are over 2,000 contaminants in the water coming from our water taps, many of them are carcinogenic. The main ones are flouride and chlorine and heavy metals. This is the water you drink, cook with and shower in. Owning a filtration system for your home is the best way to ensure that the water you drink is clean and healthy. With this said, many of us struggle with what type of system to invest in. I would like to discuss which ones not to invest in and why, including the health implications of drinking demineralised water, the main being something called acidosis, and the negative environmental impact of using electricity to filter water. These systems I will discuss include reverse osmosis and distilled water.

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